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    Consulting Areas

    Materials processing
    Design and analysis of equipment and process involved with processing of materials from one phase to another, thermo-fluido-chemical reactions, alloying, and thermo-mechanical deformation. Examples include solidification, crystal growth from melt, solution, and vapor, physical and chemical vapor transport, particle nucleation and growth, metal drawing, and sintering.
    Biomedical devices
    Design and performance analysis of biomedical devices as determined by fluid mechanics, heat transfer, elastic and inelastic deformations in these devices, and interactions of these phenomena with the human body . Examples include biopsy devices, surgery fluid delivery systems, artificial teeth and teeth implants, separation centrifuges, micro-surgery and laparoscopy devices.
    Electronic materials
    Equipment and processes for the production of electronic and photonic materials, as well as processing of wafers, devices and systems. Examples include crystal growth of elemental (Silicon and Germanium) and compound semiconductors (III-V, II-VI, WBG), rapid thermal processing, die bonding, epitaxy reactors and processes, ozone generators, and reflow ovens.
    Biological systems
    Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and species transport in biological systems with the objective of quantifying their behavior within the framework of engineering sciences. Examples include fluid mechanics of the human ear, human heart, and the human cardiovascular system.
    Thermal management
    Removal and disposal of waste heat generated in electronic and photonic devices and systems, especially in very high heat flux systems ( >100 W/sq. cm.). Examples include cooling of high power electronic chips, RF chips and MMIC devices, solid state laser slabs, and diode lasers.
    Industrial equipment
    Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, stresses, and vibrations in industrial equipment. Examples include, paper drying rollers, centrifuge balancing, stirring electro-magnet, high temperature furnaces, and annealing equipment.Micro-Systems Thermo-fluids, thermo-chemistry, deformation, and vibration analysis of devices with features in the range of 1-100s of microns. Examples include microjet impingement for high heat flux cooling, micro-reactors, micro fluid delivery systems, and ultra compact heat exchangers.

    Past Clients

    Client list
    ADE Corp.
    Agilent Technologies
    American Superconductor
    ASTeX Inc.
    Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.
    Bard International
    BDM International, Inc.
    Bertram Laboratories, Inc.
    Coherent, Inc.
    Corning, Inc.
    Covalent Materials
    C. R. Bard
    Crystal Specialties, Inc.
    Crystal Technology, Inc.
    Creare, Inc.
    Crystal Research Corporation
    Canadian Gas Research Institute
    Cutting Edge Optronics
    Northrop Grumman
    Ebara Solar, Inc.
    Energy Materials Corp.
    Evergreen Solar, Inc.
    Ferrofluidics, Inc.
    Fluor Enterprises
    GTE Laboratories
    Hewlett Packard, Inc.
    High Temperature Concepts
    Insitut fur Kristallzuchtung
    II-VI, Inc.
    International Mezzo Tech., Inc
    Jeneric Pentron
    Johnson & Johnson
    Komatsu Electronic Metals
    Kornic Systems Corporation
    KFA Forschunzentrum Julich
    Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc.
    Lockheed Martin
    LSI Logic, Inc.
    Laboratory Device, Inc.
    Lepel Corp.
    Litton-Airtron, Inc.
    M/A-COM, Inc.
    Materials Research Corp.
    Medsource, Inc.
    Microsurge, Inc.
    MJ Research
    Namiki Precision Jewel Co.
    NASA-Marshall Space Flight Ctr.
    NASA-Lewis Research Ctr.
    Nektonics Research Corporation
    North American Crystal Labs, Inc.
    Polaroid Corp.
    Quad Systems, Inc.
    Radiation Monitoring Devices
    Science Research Laboratory, Inc.
    Siemens Solar
    Speedline Technologies, Inc.
    St Gobain Crystals & Detectors
    Theromoflow, Inc.
    Thermo Electron
    USCI Bard, Inc.
    Watring Technologies, Inc.