Tools for Materials Characterization



Founded in 1992 as Cape Simulations, CapeSym, Inc. is now a multi-faceted company producing high-performance crystaline materials for nuclear radiation detection, including SrI2(Eu) and CLYC(Ce) scintillators, and TlBr and CdZnTe semiconductors. CapeSym develops and sells software in several application areas, including simulators of crystal growth processes, electro-thermal analysis of integrated circuits, microscopy automation for wafer characterization, nuclear radiation monitoring and multi-channel analysis for radioisotope identification. The company also provide materials characterization and engineering consulting services.

Our ongoing R&D leverages decades of experience in crystal growth, solid state physics, analytical chemistry, materials science, thermo-fluid transport, finite-element modeling and Monte Carlo simulation techniques, engineering design and process optimization. CapeSym's consulting services have supported more than 70 companies in thermal management, crystal growth, advanced materials technologies, biomedical devices, as well as industrial equipment design and fabrication. CapeSym's research team also supports the missions of multiple US government agencies including NASA, MDA, USAF, DoE, DTRA, and CWMDO.

CapeSym is located in Natick, MA, USA and all of our commercial production is conducted in the USA. CapeSym is an equal opportunity employer.